May 21

The Law of Attraction

In the movie, “The Secret” the process of the “Law of Attraction” is revealed.

For years, many who watched the movie or read the book have tried to manifest the elusive goals  of abundance and success, and failed.

Why is this so?

Surely they have said their mantras, and affirmations, being positive, in the present tense and with the personal pronouns, all with power and passion.Yet still they fail.

Why? There is a component to the law of attraction that is often not understood and seldom mentioned.   The main ingredient that is missing is the aspect of faith, as St. James says “having faith, nothing wavering”. That is the whole key to the law of attraction.

Think about this, you know the sun will rise tomorrow. You have no doubt, even if it is a dark and coudly night with no heavenly light shining, you know the sun will rise. You don’t stay up half the night planning how to make the sunrise, calculating the angle of the earth or the speed at which it must travel across the universe so that the sunrise will happen at its appointed time. It just happens. You KNOW.  If you have the ability to make the sunrise,  surely committing your energy to something that you deeply desire, manifesting should be a relatively straightforward process. 

What stops us from having the type of faith to manifest?


Fear is another word for the lack of love.

The lack of love produces distortions and disturbances in ones energy field.

Everything is energy.

JUST Let it GO assists you in letting go of “negative” emotions such as  Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Lust, Anger, Pride and TRANSFORMS you so you can live “above the line” in Courage, Satisfaction, Willingness, Acceptance, Love, Joy, and Peace, so that you can live as and BE the Divine Being you Truly are.  So that you live in ENLIGHTENMENT.

The more you just Let it GO the higher and freer you become.

The happier your world is, and the more fun you have. Abundances follows.

Transformation has  Just Let It Go session both ONE on ONE and in a FUN ACTIVITY GROUP EVENT.

This modality works wonderfully with a small group of like-minded friends.

Host a 2-hour or 4.5-hour transformation JUST let it GO event at your location, invite 3-9 friends and get transformed, in a fun upbeat and lively manner.

To book either a ONE on ONE and in a to host a JUST LET IT GO FUN ACTIVITY GROUP EVENT email: JUSTLETITGO@TransformationLightCenter.com you’ll be glad you did.