Do you agree?

  • The body was designed to work with all its organs and parts attached.
  • The body has remarkable regeneration abilities.
  • The body was designed to work in good health past the age of 75 or even 100.
  • The body’s shape reflects the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the individual.
  • Individual lifestyles choices show up in the body’s physiology (shape and function).
  • Lifestyles choices can curtail or add to the length of life.
  • Individuals can change their lifestyles.
  • The body responds to health promoting actions with remarkable regeneration ability.

Every human body is the same internally, not every body is the same physically. Some of us are tall and slim while others are short and rotund. Some skins are different shades white and some are different shades of brown and black. Some of us are healthy and some of us are in dis-ease. If you are in dis-ease it is because at least one law of good health was violated. There are hundreds of ways the laws of good health can be violated. Most good health laws are affected by lifestyle choices.  The good news is that it is never too late to start living the laws of good health and removing dis-ease.

To live the laws of good health you need to know a little about your body and its basic needs: sound nutrition, clean water, restorative rest, exercise, a safe environment and a positive uplifting support system. Information on all these subjects may be overwhelming and you have heard it all a 100 times. Maybe you have even tried to incorporate these needs into your life, but you didn’t feel any difference in a short period of time, so you gave up. Like adding a drop of red food coloring in to a gallon of clear  water, you can’t see that you’ve added any color right away. The changes have been made although not necessarily visible.  This is similarly true with health promoting activities, sometimes you have to take the right action and make it a continual habit before you can see any results.

Transformation Life Center Coaching helps you take action to Get Healthy. 

Live long and prosper.