Feb 28

Distance and Time Don’t Exist in the Healing Realm

People often wonder how Long Distant healing works.

Long Distant Healing is preformed in the Astral  Realm.  Within the Astral Realm; plane, level or dimension are basically synonymous as used here, time and space do not exist. So when a healing is done “long distant”  the healer transports themselves within the astral plane to the site, place and time, the healee is located. Usually this is a predetermined time and by intention the place is agreed upon. SaSu prefers to work with people either when they first are going to bed if the person receiving is in Eastern or Central time zones and in the Western time zones she perferres to do it in the morning before they awake. The reasons are that either of these times neither the client nor SaSu are likely to be disturbed by others and the client is likely to be physically laying down or at least not actively engaged in any other activity.

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