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HOW do I book a session?

Currently the best way is to email: You will receive a response back with in 24 hours, usually sooner. Please leave your name, phone number and best time to contact you, email address. Include information what is your desired outcome of a session, when are the best times for your session; morning afternoon or early evening and the days that work best for you.

What is the Human Subtle Energy System.

The Human subtle energy field is often referred to as the Aura or auric field. Clairvoyants “see” this field as patterns of color light surrounding individuals. When one has a energy healing this field usually changes toward brighter and more vibrant colors that glow like bright neon lights.

What is the Aura.

This is a energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the body. It is intimately associated with a person’s health. When there is a disturbance in a person’s field illness results.

What are Chakras and what do they do?

Chakras are a component of the Aura. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheels. The chakra look like spinning wheels of light or vortices of light. “The chakras take in higher energies and transmute them to usable form within the human structure.” (Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, MD. Santa Fe: Bear & Company,1988, 128 ) Chakras are continually monitoring a person’s environment. When you interact with something positively or negatively your chakras respond appropriately. Chakras give energy to your physical systems: digestive, circulation, respiratory, reproductive etc. When there is a disturbance in your field your system/organs don’t get the right amount of energy. They become weak, out of balance, eventually leading to dis-ease in that system or organ.

What is Energy Healing?

In western terms a Koi pond is just a small pond in the backyard that has gold fish in it. A well designed Koi Pond is crystal clear with a dark bottom that helps accentuate the golden fish. The water is still with just enough movement to keep the water circulating and fresh. Koi ponds require periodical cleaning to keep the pond ecosystem healthy and beautiful. Leaves get blown into the pond. Snails and insects bread under these leaves. Birds are attracted to the insects and water. They make messes in the water and the mud floor, the filer gets clogged. As frog, birds, and other animals are attracted to it even large snapping turtles or alligators could find their way there and the water then becomes stagnate the pond loses its simple beauty and is less likely to bring peace and tranquility to those humans visiting it. Just like the Koi Pond the human energy system needs a little maintenance too to keep it in pristine condition. Energy Healing is a maintenance vehicle for the Human Subtle Energy System (HES). First to clean the Koi pond we would remove the leaves and extra vegetation. Then by cleaning the filter the water would start to get pure. In energy work the first thing we do is remove the blown in debris and clean the filters, So that the energy one uses in daily life is pristine, vibrant and nurturing. Just as it might take hours or days to restore the Koi pond to its tranquil state, often it takes a few sessions to restore health to a body’s energy system.

How do I know if my chakra's are broken or need fixing?

If you are not having continual bliss, your chakras and or energy system is distorted. You would benefit from a energy healing session. Basically chakras don't get broken like a dish gets broken rather its more like a drain that gets clogged. The water should swirl into the drain but it's just sitting there and the longer it sits there the more stagnate it gets, The same with the subtle energy. It should swirl into and out of the body. When a distortion or disturbance happens in the energy field the chakras slow down or even stops the movement of the energy. Just as the water get stagnate; the energy gets stagnate also. This may feel like just an off day up to and including the total dis-ease of a bodily system.

What does Energy Healing session look and feel like?

First it feels wonderfully relaxing. The meta-physician, SaSu, will talk with you about your complaint(s) and goals, then you, the healee, lay on a massage table fully clothed with socks on but no shoes. Soft music, dim lights and maybe even some aromatherapy all add to the ambiance to help you relax. SaSu will then gently lay her hands on your joints and major chakra allowing and guiding energy to clear and rebalanced your energy field. Then SaSu will focus in on the area of your complaint and work on balancing that area. Different techniques are used for different dis-eases and complaints. None are invasive or harsh. SaSu then finishes the session by locking in the healing energy with a high frequency and very fast vibrational layer around your energy field. After a short period of rest you and the meta-physician, SaSu, discuss what has transpired and what further action you can do to become dis-ease free.

How long does a session last?

The healee (you) should allow one and a half hours minimum for the first session. Each additional session will last about 60 minutes. The energy healing portion of the session usually last about 45-50 minutes, with 5 minute to talk about the issuing complaint before the session and 5 to 8 minutes after the session to talk about what we did and what the next steps on the road to health should be.

Is this Reiki?

SaSu uses many techniques in her healing practice one which is Reiki. However many of her clients who have experienced both Reiki and a Light Wellness Healing say that A healing from SaSu healing is like Reiki on steroids.