Aligning Ones Principles with Ones Mission

Posted by SaSu MetaPhysician on Jun 6th, 2010
Jun 6

Earlier this week I came across a business mission statement that said  “Success without purpose is empty and meaningless.” My question is how can one do something without a purpose?  One cannot walk across the street without a purpose.  We sacrifice for others (children, mates etc) for spiritual or emotional needs, we work hard for the trappings of success because the ego tells us  we need a new car, a bigger house, or a bigger bank account, etc to make us happy.  We do each and every action because the purpose is to make  our lives better in some way.  Socrates showed that people do whatever they believe is the best thing for them to do in the moment.

Probably the mission statement was trying to say that success for success’ sake is a momentary high and not lasting and they ran their business a with a purpose aligned to their ideals.  Aligning one’s principles with one’s mission not only  gives meaning to one’s life and feeds one’s souls it will bring financial success if that is part of one’s principles.  If one does not  aligned with their “mission” one can never be successful no matter the financial outcomes are.

Alignment of personal mission and principles require one  to be aware of at least some intuitive guidance. When either the mission or the principles are being ignored most people will feel uneasy, anxious, or upset. If you are having “negative” emotions, are unmotivated or feeling lazy take some time to reflect on your personal principles, and your reason for life, your mission. Where are they in alignment? Where is some adjustment in order?  What small step(s) can you take to bring them closer into harmony?

Do you know your mission? Your principles? How clear are you on your next steps to creating alignment in all areas of your life. Energy healing is so much more than repairing mere dis-eases of the body. Energy healing can assist with removing limiting beliefs and distortions about worthiness, ability or talents and assist in creating your life in beautiful alignment with  your principles.

As one client recently shared, his life was a mess because he had “forgotten who he was”.  Remember who you are. Transformation Light Center believes that you are here on earth at this time to create beauty. Let us help you reconnect to your self, your principles and your mission.

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