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Posted by SaSu MetaPhysician on Jun 13th, 2010
Jun 13

This week I saw a client that I hadn’t worked with for a several months.  In the past, in my viewpoint, it had appeared that she would sometimes give away her power to those whom she deemed more able to “heal” her than her own higher self.  This week she came to see me because she could not get rid of  an excruciating pain. Before she asked for my help she outlined what she had done, what had worked well and what had not. She also out lined why she thought she had the pain and why she felt she needed my help. In those remarks it was very clear that she had embraced her power. Her goal was to totally surrender to Source/Spirit. She felt my help would assist her to remove blocks that she knew were there and yet were not responding to the other methods she had incorporated.  I was amazed at the depth of work she has been “doing” on herself. I am in awe at how close she is to total surrender to spirit.

In contrast I had a former client that I hadn’t heard from for over two year call me and ask for help. She call about 9 PM from the hospital about 12 hours before her scheduled surgery. She had ignored an severe injury to her foot for over two months. The foot was infected to the point of being gangrene.  The more we talked the more clear it came to me that she was not willing to take responsibility for her own healing. She just wanted – a miracle. That night I gave her a long distant healing. Her subtle energy body was in total disarray. I smoothed it and worked on the foot. My impression was that we removed the tissue that was gangrene. Whether or not we were able to save the foot I am unclear.  My schedule did not allow me to visit her in the hospital until the next day. When I got there she was in surgery.  I left a message  for her to call when she was able.  I have not heard back from her. I suppose I will when she has another crisis and wants a miracle. Until she is able to take responsibility for her own actions and “do” work on her self there is little I can do to help her.

It is my understanding that Spirit/Source does not force any one to be in alignment with Source.  However Source always gives each of us ample opportunity to come into alignment. Those opportunities are what some people call lessons and others call trials and tribulations.  No matter what you call them they will appear and reappear in your life until you address them and surrender to Source. The sooner one learns the lesson the easier it is. Source always ups the ante for every repeat lesson.  If the second client doesn’t learn to be responsible for herself will she have to have a leg amputated?

I am taking notes from both clients. My goal is to do the work on myself and to achieve an outcome similar to the first client.  I ask the same of you.

PS. June 20, 10: I have heard about the second client’s situation. The doctors did not remove her foot.  They did remove enough tissue that a  child’s fits could be inserted into the hole.  I understand that she should regain the use of her foot and should be able to walk on it after it heals.

PPS, July 6, 10: Updates on both clients. The first client is moving her business forward at an astronomical rate, her primary relationship is blossoming into a beautiful bouquet not just a budding flower, other relationships have smoothed out and been rekindled, she was invite to “house sit” for two weeks. The house is more like a resort and  she has been given carte blanc for entertaining, and her connection to spirit is so strong her whole  presence shines.

On the other hand the second client’s life has gone from bad to worse. All though there was a little bright moment. She was given a grant that covered her medical expenses for rehabilitation.  She had relatives that she wished to see and when she went to visit them the tenuous thread broke and a police report was filed, resulting in a night in jail. She does not see any personal culpability in her actions. In her mind’s eye she was in the right and they were in the wrong. I suggest that until she takes responsibility for her actions, life is going to get harder and harder for her.

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