Light Wellness for Optimum Well being

Posted by SaSu MetaPhysician on Jun 20th, 2010
Jun 20

Imagine you are in your “good clothes” going for a job interview. You are preoccupied with how you going to make a good impression, being exactly on time, what the questions may be, how you are going to answer the questions and a thousand other thoughts that are racing a through your head. As you cross the street to enter the building, you step in to a large mud puddle AND a car careens around the corner nearly hitting you and definitely covering you from head to toe with dirty muddy water.

Every thought you have, every action you take, and every response you make is just like that water covering you from head to toe. Every thing that has ever interacted with you in anyway has left its vibrational signature within your subtle energy field.

When one is soaking wet in mud stained clothes it is difficult, at best, to make a good impression. When your Aura and subtle energy field is mud spattered and stained by the continuous barrage of negative energy coming at you every second of every day it is nearly impossible to feel or be at your best.

Light Wellness is the healthy state of the subtle energy field. The universe and you are both made up of the same thing – energy. You are surrounded by and made up of this energy. Einstein’s formula E=mc2 proves that energy and Light are the same thing. Therefore you are made of Light.

The aura is comprised of numerous components and many different aspects. This is just a brief view of one aspect of one of the components. The Chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheels of light.

The chakras are the interface between you and the Divine Matrix.

The chakras “breath” this energy or Light into and out of your subtle energy body and your physical body. It is through this energy exchange that you determine how safe, friendly, pleasant and loving your environment is. As your Subtle Energy System or Light Body interprets the energy information, your chakras go into receiving or protection mode. The optimal system has all chakras in receiving mode.

The chakras most often referenced ones are the major Chakras located on the torso. Chakras numbered 2 through 6 have a front and rear aspect to them. Chakras 1 and 7 look as if they are a pair however they do not function as a pair.

Each of these main Chakras govern the energy of a corresponding organ, gland and or tissue. When any one of the chakras has gone into protection mode the corresponding organ, gland or tissue is not receiving all the required energy for optimal well being. The longer a chakra is in protection mode the more distorted the energy flowing to the tissue is and the muddier the light received.

When the tissue is not receiving pure clean energy or light the tissue starts to atrophy. Dis-ease has entered the body. The longer the Dis-ease is allowed to linger the greater the likelihood of a disease will manifest within the physical body.

Light Wellness practitioners believe removing or repairing the distorted energy pattern is easier, faster, less traumatic and more healing than removing diseased tissue or organs.

The Light Wellness practitioners use a simple process to guide pure clean light into the client’s energy field in a precise manner. The client lays on a massage table fully clothed without shoes on. The Light Wellness practitioner send the light up through the soles of the feet. The light travels through the human energy field via the central power cord to the crown chakra.

The procedure just detailed is called an energy chelation. It is the beginning of the Light Wellness healing. The energy chelation leaves the subtle energy field or Light body clean and ready to receive the deeper transformation light work. The transformation work is lightwork performed on distortions held for longer time periods.

After transformation work you being to beone becomes aware of the connection we all share with everything. Things that use to be hard to do or express become easier and second nature. For example when one has wronged you, instead of retaliation you feel compassion because you know, they are in forgetfulness of their Light.

Light Wellness is a lot like gravity. One does not have to “believe in it” for it to work. Benefits are derived no matter the personal viewpoint. Most recipients of a Light Wellness Session report feeling extremely relaxed, stress free and able to handle their life with ease and elegance.

Clients have reported benefits such as:

Lower blood pressure, and cholesterol levels;

Kidney and Bladder problems diminished or disappear completely;

Liver enzymes return to normal levels;

Relationship problems dissolve and return to good interactions;

A greater and deeper connection with the Divine;

Spinal alignment,

Pain reduction or outright elimination,

A return to Financial equilibrium.

Clients have recovered from cancer with less trauma from Chemo or radiation.

Clients with surgery often recover faster than their doctors expect with much less drugs or other therapy.

And much more.

In summary Light Wellness Healing helps you come into alignment with the Optimal Wellbeing that is your birthright.

Light Wellness is the state of health of the subtle energy field, the aura. Light Wellness Energy Healing uses the traditions of Eva Pierrakos’s Pathwork, Barbara Brennan’s Energy work, Rev Rosa Breyeure’s Healing work, Jim Crabtree’s Core Star energy and intention realm healing and others. I am indeed grateful for their pioneering work in Psychology, Physics, Spirituality and to Jim for distilling and expanding all into in a powerful healing modality.

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